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What is Pikasea and what does it really want?

We are an entire professional and specialized team, who, for over six now, have been working in a mature and rigorous way, pouring our very hearts into this, regardless of the needed sacrifices. Our team grows every month with wonderful people who understand our values and principles and without whom we would never manage to develop such a beautiful and appreciated concept.

“The perfect recipe for a fabulous holiday comes from the balanced mix of fun, unwinding, cool gang and exceptional culinary discovery.”


Let's go holidaying!
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Meet the Pikasea team!

Marius Pikaso
Marius Pikaso - Happiness Architect
Ioana Clain
Ioana Clain - Sail Dream Catcher
Dalma, Pikasea,
Dalma - Muza Noastră
Laura Revnic - Happiness Storyteller
Dana Iordache - Buzz Ambassador
Dorin Enache - IT Wizard
Cătălin Crăciunescu - Skipper
Robert Brezoaie - Skipper
Oleg Margina - Skipper
Vlad Bălan - Skipper
Cristian Udrescu - Skipper
Dragos Berariu
Dragoș Berariu - Skipper

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Fabulous holiday packages

Discover what a fabulous holiday means, with lots of fun, unwinding, cool gangs and exceptional gastronomic discovery.

Ionian islands

Route: Lefkada – Kefalonia – Itaka – Meganisi – Lefkada

Saronic islands

Route: Atena – Aegina – Poros – Hydra – Spetses

The Sporades

Route: Volos – Skiathos – Skopelos – Alonnisos

Cyclades islands with SetSail

Route: Atena – Aegina – Poros – Hydra – Kythnos – Syros – Kea

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Let yourself be carried by the waves to a unique experience!

About us

About Pikasea

From an organizational point of view, the Pikasea Sail, Pikasea Experience and Pikaski holiday concepts are three registered trademarks, operated by a 100% Romanian-owned company, SC Pikaso Events SRL in Bucharest.

The company was established in 2017 and is certified as a travel agency, with the authorization no. 711073, of 01.11.2017, thus being part of the few specialized and registered companies in Romania, certified in this sense.

The products developed by us are not mass commercial products so if you want a simple accommodation unit for a week, where you can laze on a sun lounger and enjoy an abundant all-inclusive menu, do not contact us, we simply do not have any products available in this direction.

Marius, vela,

We don't make offers!

We don't make or send you offers; we simply organize truly fabulous holidays. Experiences at fair and affordable prices, suitable for people who share our joy and passion for travelling and experiencing a new form of tourism, the perfect mix of fun, exploration, unwinding and gourmet culture.



Gourmet experiences

Our community thus enjoys over 20,000 followers and almost 1000 happy tourists, in the last year.

Each holiday is carefully designed and adapted to each person and each group, according to their preferences.

Boat holidays are the main differentiator that we have managed to truly professionalize, benefiting from international recognition through multiple partnerships with prestigious certified companies and all the other developed products comply with the same standard and good practices and the list of destinations we explored get richer every year: Greece, Italy, Austria, Spain, The Netherlands and even the extraordinary Thailand.