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The Croatian Experience

Croatia …every sea-lover’s dream! Scattered in the turquoise Dalmatian waters are over 1,000 islands, home to the most beautiful pebbled beaches, medieval cities, ancient ports, UNESCO monuments bequeathed by the Venetians, restaurants hidden among olive trees and fortress towns that became famous by courtesy of the world’s greatest sailors. These are but a few reasons that make Croatia the most popular destination for sailing.


Truly spectacular route

The Croatian Experience begins in Split, a town that combines the Dalmatian history and modernism in a spectacular manner. Maybe you want to visit Brac, with its hidden streets and thick forests that end straight in the turquoise waters of the Adriatic. Or better yet, we can go and party in the liveliest city Hvar, nicknamed by tourists the Croatian Ibiza.

luxury yacht in the marina at sunset lights in Croatia
Young girl walking through ancient narrow streets on a beautiful summer day

Fabulous experiences

Palmizana is another amazing secret place 10 min away by boat; an oasis of tranquility where the sun enters the sea like an ice cube in a glass of wine… it’s simply soaked in.

We continue sailing to the island of Vis. (“Dream”) Its name is not coincidental. This place is in the top 5 most beautiful islands of the 1000 in Croatia. A postcard-perfect town paradise nestled in coves, full of hidden caves and beaches, and surrounded by water in every conceivable shade of blue. Vis is an idyllic destination to explore, dine and embrace the rhythm of Dalmatia’s life. We’ll certainly also try their famous octopus, “peka”.

Croatia, Brac island, Bol. Beautiful view of pebble beach on Adriatic sea with small restaurant

Next up is Maslinica, on Solta island. The southern part of the bay boasts a beautiful pine forest with secluded rocky beaches. In front of it lies an archipelago of seven islets, making Maslinica one of the most wonderful places in the Adriatic Sea. The beauty of the surrounding nature is in harmony with the ancient castle and picturesque stone houses.

Did we rope you in?

Join us between 20 – 27 July, on a spectacular boat to enjoy another fabulous holiday.

The Croatian Experience

Can we cook on the boat? What are we going to eat? How will it be?

On a sailboat or catamaran there is a central lounge with a fully fitted and equipped kitchen where you can be your own chef (well, if you behave, the skipper may occasionally do his thing in the galley, but be sure to thoroughly wash your hands, as these tend to be finger-licking experiences).

Turquoise water of Adriatic sea bay on Hvar island with franciscian monastery and boats in Dalmatia region, Croatia

Here you can see our Pikasea, “Galician Octopus“, cooked on one of our sailboats. Stay tuned until the end for the verdict.

*** Sorry we didn’t get to take more pictures; it was devoured way too quickly.

So, if you want to trade olive oil, the tzatziki and the oregano for new delicious dishes and memorable experiences, get moving as places are limited!

Did we convince you?

The Pikasea Croatian Experience route:

Split – Brac – Hvar – Palmizana – Vis – Maslinica

Boats available for week  20 – 27 iulie:

  • Dufour 460 (2020) Sailboat
  • Catamaran Lagoon 42


Holiday formats

We offer two types of holidays: Pikasea Social Adventures and Pikasea Family Adventures


Will it cost a fortune?

Fortunately, we managed to streamline the costs so that you can enjoy a fabulous holiday at fair and attractive prices, thus reducing to a minimum the pressure on your holiday budget. So, a boating holiday incurs the following costs:

Accommodation on the boat

Skipper's fee

Boat fuel


Boat insurance

If you have any questions about our boats or want to know more about our holiday packages, DM us on Facebook, or call us at +004 0743 673 253. We’ll be happy to reply as soon as possible.

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