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Cyclades islands

Five years ago, when we started building one of the most beautiful and spectacular holiday concepts in the world, sailing and catamaran holidays, we also joined a real family of extraordinary people, the Set Sail Nauticschool family.

For us, Set Sail Nauticschool is not a sailing school. They are an experience. They are a sum of foundations, information, processes, without which the sailing permit and subsequent outings at sea hardly make sense.

Sailing is slowly becoming a trend, a new hobby or, for others like us, a lifestyle. A Set Sail Nauticschool sailing course is a perfectly balanced mix of knowledge, new information, people, energies and experiences, steadiness and improvement programs, expeditions and adventures.

Every learning expedition in the #Cyclades islands brings together more and more boats and rousing crews.

The yachting family

For many participants, it’s a first opportunity where they can technically learn a multitude of maneuvers, moorings, and truly learn in real conditions, not just on paper. For them, the experience is all the more complex as they actually discover the buds of this great yachting family, based on respect, fairness, principles, collaboration and good practices.

Perhaps the most inspiring and harmonious program for yachting specialization and development is the “Cyclades” series of annual events, organized by Set Sail Nauticschool and which has already become a real phenomenon.

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Sailing in cyclades, set sail,

What no flyers or Facebook add will tell you, is that Set Sail Nauticschool has an organically-smart method of initiation and development, and by the time you know it, you’re already part and parcel of one of the most powerful passions you’ve ever tried.

Pikasea closes the holiday season with Set Sail Nauticschool, between 20-27th of April 2024. Join us on this year’s last sailing tour and discover Greece differently in 7 days full of adventure and good cheer. Join our team and enjoy a super-cool sailing training tour with the Set Sail Nauticschool sailing school.

Rafts, mini-regattas, moorings, moorings in all positions and new technical challenges, you can enjoy all these with our Set Sail Nauticschool friends and trainers.

So, if you want to share the adventure with us or if you are a skipper and want to perfect your techniques for a quiet summer with your loved ones or you are simply curious to discover an amazing experience, join us on the COOLEST boat in the flotilla! It should be noted that “THE COOLEST” is a rating obtained from the unanimous votes expressed during the last legendary Cyclades tour.

Available Boats:

  • 3, 4 or 5 cabin-sailboat – 8/10 people
  • 4 cabin-catamaran – 8/10 people

If you have any questions about our boats or want to know more about our holiday packages, DM us on Facebook, or call us at +004 0743 673 253. We’ll be happy to reply as soon as possible.

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A apărut o eroare. Preînscrierea în vacanță se poate realiza numai după acceptarea condițiilor de mai sus.
A apărut o eroare. Preînscrierea în vacanță se poate realiza numai după acceptarea condițiilor de mai sus.