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The Pikasea skipper is essential for an unforgettable holiday. The skippers are authorized and certified people with extensive knowledge, which guarantees a completely unique experience.

The price for a skipper is 600 euros for the whole week and it is paid in advance.

Why choose a Pikasea skipper? Firstly, because it saves you from paying a common liability of more than 2000 euros, a sum which is generally required from any charting company. The value of said liability decreases to only 100 euros per person and it’s returned fully and the end of the journey if the vessel is not damaged in any way by one of your crew members.

Cine spune că e greu să navighezi când ai un echipaj bine pregătit?

The budget for a whole week’s shopping depends on your wishes. It varies on average around 200-400 euros for the whole crew (and includes groceries, water, juices, fruits…)

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The harbor and sewage costs do not exceed 50 euros for the whole week and the entire boat. These include taxes for mooring in harbors, supplying water and electricity in harbors-recharging batteries.

The needed fuel cost to sail from one harbor to another will be paid and the end of the trip. On average, the cost for the whole period is of maximum 25 euros per person.

The vessel will be rented with a full tank of fuel and all the other utilities charged at the start of your journey (water, batteries…), and in the end of the trip you will have to pay only the actual consumption.

The cleaning of the vessel will be paid only once, at the end of the trip, and it costs 10 euros per person.

Râdem,glumim,dar în incintă!


The costs of a meal at a tavern can depend on how much of a foodie you are. On average, most of the times, the costs are around 15-20 euros per person, and includes both food and drinks. For children, costs are much lower, on average, half of the prices for adults.


The costs of travel from Romania to the harbor can vary depending on the means of transport chosen by you, on the distance and the number of people you are travelling with. For example, a departure from Cluj-Napoca or Bucharest with your own vehicle shouldn’t cost more than 100 euros per road section (the distance is roughly 1000 km, depending on the itinerary and includes the road taxes and the fuel needed). If you choose to split this  route in 2 stages, you can add an overnight accommodation which costs around 25-30 euros per person.


Parking in appointed spaces can vary around 0 to 35 euros for the whole week.

Beautiful view of yachts and harbour in Greece in sunny day. Kos Tows, Kos Island, Greece