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All corporate workers and old hipsters, cancel any schedule for the next weekend! Do you miss the sea, Vama Veche, the freedom?
We have exactly one week left to get the last 6 seats available for the first nautical event of the season!

The people at Set Sail Nauticschool are organizing a first spectacular outing on the sea, on the Limanu-Balcik route, during the next weekend!

The most exciting part is that for 2 days you can discover from the sailing vessel the seahorses which are warming up for the next season, the Bulgarian sea shore where the scallops from Dalboka can ruin our fit bodies, not to mention the “El Simpatico” tavern from the Balcik marine where the Romanian flag will be anchored.

If you are feeling adventurous, you will work hard because you will learn and navigate exclusively on sailing vessels alongside true professionals. You have no excuse, because the seat costs 150 euros, in addition to accommodation, transport and experience, the price includes the chance to discover a new community of wonderful people!

Details about the fleet available for this event can be found here, just so you can be jealous if you have to go to work. :)))


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