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Only 549 Euros!

Hello. Welcome to the wonderful world of Pikasea Adventures! Now you can be part of a fantastic world that combines adventure, culinary and cultural discovery, fun and relaxation with the opportunity to spend a sensational week on a spectacular sail!

This holiday, we are launching the „Pikasea Santa Sail” which is available in 3 promotional packages that can be turned into the perfect gift for you and your partner! The gift price is only 149 Euro and is only available in December!

Sounds great, right?

All you have to do is sign up on our website and confirm your willingness to spend 7 exceptional days next summer, on a breathtaking Greek trip starting in Athens! After singing up, a Pikasea representative will contact you to find out all your details and answer all your questions.


Ok-ok, how much does it cost me overall?

The whole package price is 549 euros! Don’t over-think it though, because you might miss out in the fun. You will then receive a mail with a link where you will be able to choose your desired format (Family Fun, Sunrise Party or Gourmaki and some culture). Once you have selected the details, you will be able to choose the payment method (either in full or in tranches, according to our promotion)

At the address indicated by you, you will receive a very nice gift pack before Christmas, it is full of surprises that have a genuine sailor touch and will also contain the voucher that will allow you to have fun with us and the contract that we will sign to certify all the conditions of our collaboration.


What do I get in return?

Let’s take it step by step. First of all, be sure that you will get the best experience in your life! Yes, yes! You heard well! THE BEST! Depending on the package that suits you best, we will make sure you get all the fun you need.

"Family Fun" Package

This package is made for settled down people, who are not looking for buzz or mega-agitation because they have children that need sleep. In the case of this package, mooring will be done in the quietest bays and at the most accessible ports. The boat will be equipped with a safety net to make sure that your children’s safety is not your priority (after all, this holiday should be for you too). We will show you the surroundings, you will visit interesting places for you and your family and, with some luck, we can also discover the treasure of the pirate Sugar Beard, but this job is for the children. For this package, with the occasion of “Pikasea Santa Sail” you get a 10% discount for children aged 0-10 years.

The "Sunrise Party" Package

If you want to relax, this is not the package for you. After a week of “Sunrise Party” holidays, we assure you that you will still need another vacation to get some rest! This is where fun is at it’s peak! We have crazy parties on yachts and catamarans, where you can meet new people and have fun with them. We also have DJs who have mixed for UNTOLD, SNOWFEST, OVERNIGHT or TiMAF, ready to go to the buttons and keep you awake „from sunrise to sunrise”. It’s your choice if you’re going to sleep in the middle of the party. We’ll hear the crew yelling „MAN OVERBOARD” and you will not be in the shouting gang!

The "Gourmaki and some culture" Package

Here it is! If you want to experience Mediterranean cuisine, discover and live local stories and experiences, visit the archaeological sites of the bays that we moor in, then this package is for you! We guarantee that if you do not like lamb, we’ll take you somewhere to eat a lamb with quince sauce that will make you want to take a job at the tavern, just to get more. We’re going to eat the best calamari that your taste buds have ever felt, or we’ll give you the most pure Ouzo in your life. We have a lot of ideas, each one more and more delicious and more full of culture!

For the promotional period, we offer you (included in the price):

  • Professional skipper (fun partner, amphitrion of smiles that ensures you will not forget the fun)
  • 7 days of accommodation with the best view in the world. (what is it like to see the sea in any direction you look?)
  • Full water and fuel tanks
  • Drinking water
  • Audio system for mega parties on the yacht
  • Final cleaning
  • Bed linen and towels
  • Dinghy (boat for easy and fast access to the most intimate bays)
  • Yacht equipment (2 bathrooms, yacht kitchen access, complete with stove and fridge)

Additional costs:

Some destinations may incur additional costs. To get an idea of these costs and for a better planning, here is a list of these costs. All values listed below are per person. The calculation is made for a 6 + 1 crew (Skipper).

  • Port taxes – 2 euros / person / port
  • Fuel and domestic water – 20 euros / person / week
  • Yacht guarantee (refundable at the end of the trip) – 135 euro / person / week
  • Transfer to and from the airport – chargeable depending on the rented vehicle
  • Food for a skipper (does not make any fuss about food, eats anything, so is the law of the sea)
  • Breakfast 7 euros / person / day – 42 euros (optional)

What if i can’t go the next year in the specified period?

If you have selected a period when you can not go, you will need to inform us at least 60 days before departure and we will do our best to find you a place in another time, as long as Pikasea boats are available. If you want to give it up completely, there is no problem, you will only lose the advance money, the rest of the amount paid until you inform us, will be returned in full within 7 working days of your communication (by e-mail or in written with confirmation of receiving).


The 3 options are tailored to your chosen format and are designed to spend 7 memorable but safe days, with enthusiastic itineraries tought through by Pikasea Adventures professionals. All staff are specially trained, the crafts are checked, equipped and they comply with the safest and most current safety rules, and their masters – the captains, are internationally certified.

Sign up now!

In ce perioda vrei?

Alege pachet vacanta

Acest pachet este destinat persoanelor așezate la casa lor, care nu sunt în căutare de gălăgie și mega-agitație pentru că, nu-i așa, dorm copiii. În cazul acestui pachet, acostările se vor face în cele mai liniștite golfuri și la cele mai accesibile porturi. Ambarcațiunea va fi dotată cu plasă de siguranță pentru a ne asigura în permanență că siguranța copiilor tăi nu este o prioritate pentru tine (până la urma urmelor, vacanța asta ar trebui să fie și pentru tine). Îți vom prezenta împrejurimile, vei vedea locuri interesante pentru tine și familia ta și, cu puțin noroc, poate descoperim și comoara piratului Barbă de zahăr; dar de treaba asta se vor ocupa copiii; La acest pachet, cu ocazia „Pikasea Santa Sail” beneficiați de un discount de 10% pentru copiii cu vârste cuprinse între 0-10 ani.
Dacă vrei să te relaxezi, pachetul ăsta nu e pentru tine. După o săptămână de concediu „Sunrise Party”, te asigurăm că vei mai avea nevoie de încă un concediu ca să te odihnești! Aici distracția este la cote maxime! Avem party-uri nebune pe veliere și catamarane, poți cunoaște oameni noi și te poți distra alături de ei. Avem și DJ care au mixat pe la UNTOLD, SNOWFEST, OVERNIGHT sau TiMAF, gata să umble la butoane și să te țină treaz de la răsărit „până la răsărit”. E alegerea ta dacă la jumătatea party-ului o să te bagi la somn. O să auzim echipajul strigând „OM LA APĂ!” iar tu nu o să fii în gașca ce strigă! ☺
Aici e aici! Dacă vrei să experimentezi bucătăria mediteraneană, să afli și să trăiești povești și experiențe locale, să vizitezi siturile arheologice ale golfulețelor unde acostăm, atunci pachetul ăsta este pentru tine! Îți garantăm că dacă nu îți place carnea de miel, te ducem noi undeva o să mănânci un miel cu sos de gutui de o să vrei să te angajezi la tavernă doar ca să mai primești. Te ducem să mănânci cel mai bun calamar pe care l-au simțit vreodată papilele tale gustative sau îți dăm să bei cel mai curat Ouzo din viața ta. Avem o grămadă de varinate, care mai de care mai delicioasă și mai plină de cultură!