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If you want to avoid any bad surprises during your holiday, it would be best to check the validity of all your identity documents! In the worst case scenario, if you realize in the last minute that either you or your children don’t have a valid identity document (especially children under 14 years old), we want to offer some advice for solving this issue.


Firstly, you must know that you can obtain a temporary passport for kids available for a whole year, in less than 2 hours!! All you need to do is to take your partner, preferably the father of the child (just because the presence of both the parents is required), your identification documents, the child’s birth certificate and go to the center for issuing passports for your city and…and that’s all! Yes, paradoxically for Romania, but that’s really it. You don’t need copies of any kind, besides, if you have a baby, around the age of 1 or 2, you can go with 2 photos for the passport which can be even made at home.

My recommendation for those who live in Bucharest is to go to the center from Pipera where there are more counters, and even 2 treasury counters where you can directly pay the 96 RON tax, and that’s it: 2 hours later you are the happy owner of a brand new passport, which gives you and your children the possibility to gently caress your tummies in the sun.

For those who still don’t think our serious and official voice is enough, we also have the more official version where you can consult the website of MAI, where you have all the possible situations explained.

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