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Saronic Islands

Spectacular route, easy sailing for an average of 2 hours a day

Route: Athens – Aegina – Poros – Hydra – Spetses and back.

Date: 22 – 29 june

8 days of dance, fun, breathtaking scenery and more dance

💃 🎉 🍹 🇬🇷 This holiday is for the most passionate dancers, as well as those who have only recently gotten into it. It is for those who want an outlandish holiday while still enjoying the rythm and buzz of dance and latino music, all the while delighting in the beautiful scenery offered by the greek islands, seasoned with SALSA&SHRIMPS. And bachata. And kizomba.

🎉 Unforgettable parties, coupled with workshops held by international instructors, games and contests with incredible prizes make this holiday the perfect combination between fantasy and reality.

📌 Get ready for 7 days of dance, fun, breathtaking scenery and more dance. A phenomenal adventure which you’ll wish lasted longer. 💃

The schedule for the craziest 8 days is as follows

Arrival in Athens (around 16:10), shuttle-bus from the airport to Alimos Bay (45 minutes). Next, boarding the vessel and finally the health and safety guidelines will be presented to the crew.
Supplies such as food and drinks can be sought for during the afternoon. The evening will be spent in one of the coolest salsa clubs, MALVAZIA, where there will be dancing and socializing with the local dancers. The night will be spent on the ship.

Breakfast ( prepared by the members of the crew ) will be served on-board the ship. Soon after, the 1st dancing lesson will take place. Around 09:30 the ship will start the 2:30h journey towards the island of Aegina – also known as the island of pistachio.

Docking will take place in Aegina Bay, where there will be a sightseeing tour. The beach awaits us for the 1st workshop offered by the Pikasea Instructors. The evening will be spent in the fantastic local restaurants and PANTHER’S CLUB.

Breakfast, a little freshen up and onward with the dancing lessons. Around 09:30 we’re heading for the 2nd magnificent island, Poros, a journey which will take approximately 2 hours during which we’ll stop for some fun in Russian Bay, where the next workshop will take place. Later on in the day we will land Poros Bay, where some sensational restaurants await us, and the night will be spent on-board the ship.

Breakfast, freshening up and dancing lessons. Around 09:30 we’re heading for Hydra, one of the most beautiful capitals on the island. On the way there, we’ll stop for some fun at the beach. The night we will be spent on-board, in Manadraki Bay, should the weather allow for it. The capital, a place filled with romance, culture and tradition, can be reached with a taxiboat ( 5 min trip – 2€/person) or on foot ( cca 20 min ).

Once on the wild and authentic Hydra island, we’ll be met by donkeys – the only transport means on the island, to discover the breathtaking scenery. We’ll be dining at a traditional tavern, and then we will gather up for a night of games on-board the ship.

We’ll start the day with a spot of fun at the beach, filled with emerald green waters, and then enjoying some coffee. We shall decide whether to stay one more day on Hydra, or head for the next island, Spetses – a beautiful traditional place filled with idyllic bays. There will be another workshop in the afternoon, and the evening will end with a Jack&Jill contest, where everyone can show off their dancer skill. The night will be spent on-board the ship.

Breakfast, a little freshen up and dancing lessons. Around 09:30 we will be heading for the island of Poros, a tourist’s jewel, where we shall stop at the beach and for sightseeing. The evening will be spent in Russian Bay, with access to traditional dance shows and buzuki.

The evening will find us relishing greek wine, octopus and shrimp, seasoned with wine sauce and spices, and having the loudest party in the galaxy.

Breakfast, freshening up and on with the dancing lessons. Around 09:30 we will be heading for Athens, with several stops along the way to stockpile some pistachio. If the weather allows for it, we can stay on Aegina overnight, and leave for Athens the following morning at 07:00.

We recommend visiting the historical center of Athens, which can be accessed by means of public transportation. The night will be spent on-board the ship.

We’ll start heading towards Athens, the final journey in this holiday season. Perfect time for some last minute pictures and emptying the remaining beverages, and make plans for a new holiday on-board a sailing vessel with us, thus being a truly fantastic experience. If the arrival, due to weather conditions, has taken place the night prior, we can visit Athens’ sensational center until 14:00, at which time those who came by plane will be heading for the airport.

We will take a shuttle bus to head for the airport for the departure towards Bucharest at 16:00. The adventure has ended but we are eagerly awaiting your return to continue our expedition to new realms. 🙂

Ship options:

  • sailing vessel with 4 cabins – 8 people – 549 euro / person
  • deluxe catamaran with 4 cabins – 8 people – 845 euro / person 

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