Should I go on a sailing holiday?


Trust me, it's fabulous!

The easiest way is to tell you exactly what our slogan states: trust us, it’s simply fabulous. But as long as you’re looking for this information on our website, it’s obvious that you still need more information and that’s why we’re here for you.

For many people, a sailing holiday is a luxury product, too adventurous for them, with many unknown coordinates and seemingly difficult to control.

O zi pe Yacht, pikasea, insulele ionice,
vedere de pe catamaran

Freedom, discovery, diversity

The reality, however, lies in a rather crushing statistic: 8 out of 10 tourists don’t get back to conventional summer holidays, due to the fact that a sailing holiday comes with much more satisfaction and value, compared to the plain chaise-longue, found in a probably over-crowded resort.

A sailing holiday (on a sailboat or catamaran) first means maximum mobility and the possibility of exploring all the wonderful destinations and experiences in a particular area of navigation.

It also means gastronomic and cultural diversity, thus having the opportunity to discover a lot of wild and gorgeous places and bays, not accessible in other conditions.

Why should I say yes?

Under the holiday filter, the sailing holiday is a wholesome experience, a balanced mix of all these coordinates, loaded with many emotional coordinates. From a distance, all the organizational elements in connection to the selection of the boat type, crew and traveled routes are targeted to your preferences and desires, for a truly perfect 7-day holiday.

Our experience, commitment and professionalism thus help us build a pleasant stay with and for you, without, under any circumstances, negotiating two essential criteria: safety and comfort.

Route planning is a very elaborate and professionally-certified action, carried out every time pursuant to your level of experience and your wishes.

10 reasons to choose a sailing holiday

100% Safety

Another winning reason, why an increasing number of tourists can enjoy this sailing holiday format lies in our team’s maturity and professionalism, but also in the perspective of developing this international boat market. Pikasea holidays have hence become more attractive and affordable every year and thanks to all the partnerships we entered into, we are able to provide a lot of financial facilities and discounts, so that your budget is sparred. The whole process, which is certified and licensed, thus established us as one of the few Romanian incorporated companies, specialized in organizing such holidays.

At the same time, a yachting holiday is a 100% safe format in terms of health and individual protection conditions. Our entire team is vaccinated, all people boarding our boats abide by the conditions of maximum protection. All the locations we explore are carefully chosen, most of the time you are booked with the best places right next to your friends and families.


Will it cost a fortune?

Fortunately, we managed to streamline the costs so that you can enjoy a fabulous holiday at fair and attractive prices, thus reducing to a minimum the pressure on your holiday budget. So, a boating holiday incurs the following costs:

Accommodation on the boat

Skipper's fee

Boat fuel


Boat insurance

If you have any questions about our boats or want to know more about our holiday packages, DM us on Facebook, or call us at +004 0743 673 253. We’ll be happy to reply as soon as possible.

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