First time on a boat


Are 7 days on a yacht the best fit for you?

If this is your first time on such a boat, we are convinced that you have a lot of questions, because we believe that sailing holidays are not suitable for everyone and not at any time of life.

You must want to discover new and conventionally inaccessible destinations, love each day’s different schedule, want to see as many new places and destinations as possible, know local cultures through people, customs or new dishes.

The boats thus become incredible enablers, that basically take you from one bay to another, from one island to another, from one fantastic story to another. The yacht offers maximum mobility, independence and the possibility of discovering new truly extraordinary perspectives.

Freedom, discovery, diversity

  • Are 7 days on a yacht the best fit for you?
  • Will this really re-energize you?
  • What is the comfort level?
    And for all these scenarios, we open a genuine Pandora’s Box (no, it’s not that box filled with jewelry from the TV, but our box filled with doubtful questions like:
  • “How will we sleep at night with the waves “
  • “We are trapped on the boat “
  • “Won’t we be bored 7 days on the boat “
  • “What are our limitations…” and the list can go on indefinitely, depending on everyone’s imagination
  • “Will I get seasick? “

The good news is that every question comes with an array of answers and solutions.

First off, you need to know that you’ll spend over 70% of your time on the yacht and on dazzling beaches, so it’s the best time to show off the cutest swimsuits you have in your wardrobe. All right, fine, you can also throw in some accessories that will make you look spectacular in photos, such as sunglasses, a sun hat, the mandatory sunscreen with the highest protection factor and, undoubtedly, a lot of cheerfulness.


Seasickness is the most often conjured “excuse“ or “fear” of those who want to try, but apparently, getting out of their comfort zone with the possibility of a conventional vacation thus becomes far too big of a challenge.

The even better news is that we all suffer from seasickness!

Wait, whaaat? Even the skipper (the boat’s professional pilot) can get seasick. It’s just that each of us has different levels of resistance. But there are remedies with a 100% success rate. The little pills do a great job and practice has shown that over 90% of those who came with us have not even taken them. Their mere presence in the pocket of some luggage gave them extra psychological comfort and they forgot about them the very next day.

Once this threshold is overcome, things are exponentially headed towards that thing we have obsessively been nagging you about – a truly fabulous holiday. Everyone relaxes and heads towards an area of extraordinary tranquility and comfort. And maybe you’ll laugh, but the magic doesn’t come from us.

This is achieved in the least perceptible way by the energy and vibration of the sea, the landscapes and cerulean bays, the soothing rippling of the waves, the liberating sound of the friendly wind in the sails (a net liberating sensation of many negative energies in our souls), the genuine joy and that primal energy of the Greeks who welcome you with open arms and sit you at a table with oilcloth on which, within 10 minutes, they place before you 15 delicious fresh dishes and the sun, a permanent coordinate of the entire holiday, will only re-energize you during the 7 days. From this standpoint, you become the best solar panel of the entire construction.

Simply put, towards the end, you’ll come to really forget where you were in the early days, the many wonderful places you saw and the many fabulous experiences you enjoyed. Granted, at times, swiping your phone through hundreds of photos still jogs your memory, but that moment is slightly nostalgic – you’re already home. And it’s like a drug, because in those moments you’ll do just about anything that will get you back on the boat as soon as possible.

The best example is your mind and body’s opposable reaction, in the sense that after 2-3 days spent on the yacht, it feels much more comfortable and at ease on water than on land, manifesting a new sensation, land sickness. Fishy, right?

Trust me, it's fabulous!

Can we cook on the boat? What are we going to eat? How will it be?

On a sailboat or catamaran there is a central lounge with a fully fitted and equipped kitchen where you can be your own chef (well, if you behave, the skipper may occasionally do his thing in the galley, but be sure to thoroughly wash your hands, as these tend to be finger-licking experiences).

We have yet to receive any complaints about the quality of the food on the boat, as our supplies come straight from the source (namely local farmers, fishermen…) and here the basic daily menu obsessively consists of the following: fresh tomatoes, the tasty ones, pampered by the Greek sun, Greek yogurt, feta cheese, olives, that particular oil that enriches any meal, shells, prawns, octopus, salads and the ever-present Greek pita.


In a nutshell, what do the money I pay get me?

Pikasea boats are fitted with just about everything you would need on a 7-day holiday:

Catamaran în Russian Bay, în insulele Saronice
Foto: pe velier în insulele Ionice

The major differences between the two occur in terms of comfort.

Monohull structure

The sailboat (monohull), however, has some magical coordinates that catamarans failed to capture. It has a dreamy dynamic that makes you enjoy every wave, connecting you much more with the sea and the wind, and really gives you that strong feeling of freedom and liberation that we all so fiercely sought.

Catamaran structure

From the design standpoint, catamarans offer more space, more generous common areas and considerable private areas. Comfort also comes with an increased price, which, depending on the boat model and the chosen period, can vary between 30% and 60%.

Luggage recommendations

It’s generally advised to bring on light clothing, sports equipment, sneakers with light-colored soles and, for the evenings, you can get a long-sleeved blouse or a cute shirt. For dinners or romantic walks, you can also throw in a little dress or something more festive, but do not overdo it, as most of the time, you will not use most of them.

For increased comfort in your cabin, we recommend a highly collapsible luggage so that once you place your personal belongings in the dedicated compartments you can pack it so as not to take up unnecessary space.

As mentioned before, there are also people who can sometimes experience this kind of slightly unpleasant feeling. Fortunately, there are various solutions for this, so you don’t have to worry (there are dedicated medications that can be taken before departure and little seamanlike tricks that work every time). Our skippers will be happy to assist you in anticipating and solving any unpleasant situation.

Don’t forget your IDs, to avoid any unpleasant surprises on the route.

If you have children and only one parent accompanies them on this holiday, remember that you must have power of attorney from the other parent.

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