Bali 4.6 Catamaran

  • Type :
  • Length :
    14.54 m
  • Structure :
    5 double cabins with 4 bathrooms and 4 showers

Why should I choose this boat?

A new era of fabulous holidays is on the horizon, with the international market trend and the organic orientation of our friends and clients moving towards ever higher levels of comfort. If initially, the Lagoon (one of the major competitors for the Bali models) stole the show a little with the spectacular Lagoon 46, Bali stepped up and responded in kind, bringing in a very serious competitor.

This model’s facilities and configuration may vary. Given the owners’ preferences, they offer configurations like 4 double cabins, each with en-suite toilet and shower or 5 cabins with 4 toilets and shower, the 5th cabin boasting a bunkbed, spacious enough for at least two teenagers, if not 2 not very large adults.

Secondly, the Bali 4.6 is the successor to the previous model, the Bali 4.5, and retains everything that model has to offer best: the garage-style sliding door (a Bali-specific innovation), thus facilitating a generous interior space, bringing together the outdoor sofa space with the spacious lounge area.

A second innovation, introduced for the first time as of 2021 for all this manufacturer’s models, is the front door, which opens up a whole new universe, with the possibility of crossing the entire space from the stern to the bow, directly amidships, without the need to go round the 2 sides.

As 46 is larger than 45 feet (by exactly one foot), all new models come with better optimized exterior and interior spaces, thus enabling you to enjoy a higher level of comfort.

While we’re on the subject of comfort, perhaps one of the most interesting advantages in Bali’s models is the multitude of sofas, sunbathing and lounging areas available. If some people like jazz and want to listen to it quietly in a certain area near the control board on the upper deck, the chaos of fun can be unleashed at the stern of the boat and other friends can relax in the sun, enjoying their cocktails on the boat’s bow sofas, thus making everyone happy.

For those who have already tried a sailing holiday, it’s a known fact that refrigerator capacity is of paramount importance on a boat. All Bali models thus spoil us with large, very generous refrigerators, water or even ice dispensers (on models over 45 feet).

All the more so, this model enters the charter market at a balanced and affordable price, most of the time, thus offering the chance of a truly fabulous holiday for 2-3 families with children or 4 jolly and fun-loving couples. Adding the demanding Pikasea experience filter, most of the boats selected for holidays benefit from an array of facilities and amenities such as:

  • generous galley – multifunctional and equipped with absolutely everything you need
  • generator
  • air conditioning
  • inverters (provide access to 220V permanent power)
  • water-maker – a device that makes water fresh and offers maximum independence of the boat, leaving more time for fun and less stress for refueling
  • dishwasher

Bali 4.6 Catamaran - 360°, 4K video presentation

Explore every possible nook and cranny with our 360° shooting by rotating your phone or swiping your finger on your device’s screen.