Portugal, meu amour secreto

It’s difficult to compare it with other European destinations. On the one hand, it appears to be “out of this Europe”, with friendly and open people, sometimes suspiciously similar to Romanians.

On the other hand, it is a place perfectly adjusted to pluriculturalism, diversity and an insane natural normality. Portugal was very inspired in taking exactly what it befitted from the social and economic concept of the European Community: development and infrastructure, design and architecture, just the amount needed, without spoiling in any way its traditions and authenticity.

The food? Fabulous. It might be thanks to the very tempting and fresh ingredients but also the “housewives’ ” ingenuity.

The wine? Fabulous. Every wine cellar and bottle are replete with flavors and aromas that entice you to leisurely enjoy them every time. Landscapes? Sensational.

The ocean appears to always draw a sensational coastal line filled with vegetation. Cities are vibrant and always entice you to smile and be joyful, to really live.

#Fabulous holiday

Portugal is perhaps one of the most intense European experience, dominated by the explosion of flavors, colors, culture, love and the warmth of the people. It is the destination where we have encountered perhaps the highest degree of social tolerance, where a multitude of cultures come together harmoniously under the strong local influence, hard to find in many European states.

In terms of their identity and how fiercely they kept their originality one might even say that they aren’t part of the European Union, that, through procedures and rules, has sometimes, leveled regional areas.


The program is very simple and balanced and contains 3 completely different experiences: Lisbon, Porto and a surprise destination, between the 2, where we will enjoy the local traditional-continental gastronomic culture.

The middle of the week will come at us with a deeply authentic Portuguese experience. We transition from Lisbon to Porto through a genuine portal of senses and discoveries, lodging in a traditional Portuguese villa, a perfect mix of traditions, Portuguese cuisine and visits to our ever-welcoming host’s wine cellar, households and gardens.

Join us in the warmest and most passionate country, where fun, culture and local cuisine go hand in hand and never sleep!

We’ll gather a gang of cool, open people and go to finish off copious amounts of hamon, seafood, cheeses, pasteis de nata, cataplana and everything these people have best to offer, and then, wash it all down with a few Porto or Matheus rose glasses of wine. ‘Cause well… who better than them to know this stuff?


Details on the schedule for these 6 mouth-watering days

Days 1 – 3: Romania – Lisbon

In a different approach, we will start our fantastic experience in Portugal’s most bohemian, romantic and vibrant destination, Lisbon, then head towards the energetic and lively Porto.

We’ll have a two-night stay in the capital of good wine and music, strolling through its narrow and colorful streets. Should you be in the mood for more adventure, we’ll also ride their famous slanting trams.

We’ll visit Sintra, home to the most beautiful castle in Europe, in our opinion. Seriously, it’s no joke. Everything is kept intact and shows a beautiful part of their history.

Days 3 – 6

Next comes Porto. A lively and colorful city, where, if you can handle it, you drink the best wine at the lowest price ever. Here we will enjoy local culture, small, authentic or urban restaurants, wine tastings and hot late-night parties.

We come to you with a dynamic itinerary that will surely be a delight!

Period: October 9th – 15th, 2023 – 7 Nights – 7 days of fun, culture, dancing, visiting and discovering wonderful places and people.

Maximum number of people: 14

Price: 850 Euro per person

Included in the package price

  • round-trip by plane
  • car for 6 days for easy travel and visiting as many sensational places as possible
  • accommodation in apartments with double rooms and bathroom, fitted and equipped kitchen, for minimum costs and easy preparation of a breakfast or a delicious morning coffee.


Additional costs, which we will bear individually or together, depending on their nature are as follows:

  • checked luggage (depending on your needs)
  • fuel costs and highway tolls (approx. 35 Euro per person for the whole week), parking – if applicable
  • pocket money to everyone’s own choice.


Naturally, plane ticket prices may undergo small changes, depending on when you sign-up, so hurry.

For those who are still on the fence, see for yourself by reading all the details of our last holiday.

If you have any questions about our boats or want to know more about our holiday packages, DM us on Facebook, or call us at +004 0743 673 253. We’ll be happy to reply as soon as possible.

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A apărut o eroare. Preînscrierea în vacanță se poate realiza numai după acceptarea condițiilor de mai sus.
A apărut o eroare. Preînscrierea în vacanță se poate realiza numai după acceptarea condițiilor de mai sus.