Pikasia, Thailanda,

Join us in PikASIA

Given our strong wish to get to the land of smiles, we will embark on this adventure together, more eager to travel, more optimistic and open than ever.

Our offer consists of a genuinely fabulous adventure, where you’ll have14 carefully Pikasea-curated days to fully enjoy the Asian experience.

Vacation route: Bangkok, Golful Thailandei: Trat – Ao Salakpet – Koh Wai – Koh Rang – Koh Kood – Koh Mak – Koh Chang, Zona de nord Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai

Period: 21th of February – 7th of March 2024

After our landing in Bangkok, we will have a two night-stay at a minimum 4 star hotel with swimming pool to help us get adjusted to our new destination and discover the secrets of this magical and vibrant city.

We will visit the effervescent city, with its famous temples, floating markets and night markets, then pack-up and make our way to the Koh Chang Archipelago- a national marine park, known for some of the best moorings, beaches and hidden bays in Asia.

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Having 52 large and small islands, long white beaches and untouched coral reefs, Trat offers enchanting landscapes and quiet hideouts for beach and nature lovers.

After a one night-stay in Trat, we board for the coolest sailing tour in the Gulf of Thailand!

What is the route?

After a check-in at base and a briefing in the small fishermen village of Ao Salakpet, we will sail 3-4 nm south, out of the bay, to the little island Koh Wai, where there are several resorts and small restaurants. Koh Wai is a truly relaxing paradise – no villages, no roads, no ATMS, no shops or pharmacies.

Bring a few good books because there are no bars or nightlife! And very, very slow Internet … if you’re lucky, that is! This is the truly simple life.

The next day we will sail 4-5 nm south to the Koh Rang group of islands, a collection of 12 islands, which are part of the Koh Chang Marine Park. At noon, one-day travelers from Koh Chang see this as a popular place to explore, but during the early mornings and late afternoons, we’ll have Koh Rang to ourselves.

The East coast has several beautiful white sand beaches, the best of which is on the southeast coast. The clear turquoise waters offer wide snorkeling, swimming and diving opportunities, usually with good visibility and plenty of colorful fish to observe.

We continue heading South to explore a larger island, still hidden from the trading uproar, Koh Kut (also known as Koh Kood). This is one of the largest islands in Thailand, being about 25 km long and 12 km wide, located North of the Cambodian border.

Seeing present-day Koh Kut will give you an outlook on how Phuket and Koh Samui were 20 years ago. The beaches, jungles and waterfalls are waiting for you to explore on land, while the crystal-clear waters invite you to a full day of swimming, snorkeling and diving. This island can offer numerous coves and beaches to explore over several days. Here we will have the chance to enjoy the beauty of night moorings in sensational bays or mooring near resorts and the sensation of dinners ashore, at traditional restaurants.

Heading back North, we find the island Koh Mak – halfway between Koh Kut and Koh Chang, yet another paradise, with 25 km of gorgeous beaches, stunning views, friendly locals and clear blue waters.

And the best part- there are no big hills like on Koh Chang and Koh Kut, so it’s more like a classic deserted island. You can explore the inland coconut and banana plantations, or fishermen villages and the coastline mangrove vegetation by foot, bike or motorcycle.

We’ll spend the last and most important night in this small bay on the southwest coast of Koh Chang, which will provide us with a wonderful night and a wide range of authentic Thai seafood restaurants to choose from. We’ll explore the Thai market for last minute gifts and nearby restaurants for our last dinner.

We will thus spend 7 truly fabulous days on boats (sailboats and catamarans), depending on your wishes.

Once this stage is completed, exploration continues with one of Thailand’s most traditional and appreciated areas, the northern zone. The areas of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai will unravel their perfect mix of local cuisine, fantastic and unique experiences from the elephant sanctuaries, the longest zip line in Asia (located right in the middle of the jungle), amazing waterfalls, local night markets, Long Neck Village, amazing temples and a whole lot of other wonders. The area also has a very active nightlife, being a true backpacker paradise.

What does the boat look like? How will it be?

Lagoon 42 Catamaran - 360°, 4K video presentation

Explore every possible nook and cranny with our 360° shooting by rotating your phone or swiping your finger on your device’s screen.

Travel conditions to Thailand

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the validity of the access visa to the Kingdom of Thailand that has at least one page available for the visa stamp;
  • Return flight ticket / continuing the trip to another state;
  • Two 4*6 passport-type photos for each applicant, including children;
  • Proof of having on you the amount of THB 10,000 / person (approx. 300 USD) or 20,000 THB / family (approx. 600 USD) in any currency;
  • Visa application fee of THB 2,000 / person (approx. 60 USD).

Holiday packages - what's included, what isn't?

PikAsia holiday packages include: 7-night accommodation in a4* hotel, breakfast included, 7 days on the yacht, Bangkok – Koh Chang transfer, skipper’s fee, cleaning, boat deposit insurance, domestic flights.

Monohull package: 2050 EURO / pers
Catamaran package: 2550 EURO / pers

The price does not include:

  • Bucharest-Bangkok plane ticket (Turkish Airlines 500 Euro / pers or Qatar Airways 650 Euro / pers)
  • food, drink, diesel costs
  • domestic transport (taxi, ferry, transfers)

If you have any questions about our boats or want to know more about our holiday packages, DM us on Facebook, or call us at +004 0743 673 253. We’ll be happy to reply as soon as possible.

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A apărut o eroare. Preînscrierea în vacanță se poate realiza numai după acceptarea condițiilor de mai sus.
A apărut o eroare. Preînscrierea în vacanță se poate realiza numai după acceptarea condițiilor de mai sus.