Safety during a Pikasea holiday

Safety is always our number one priority and is never negotiable for Pikasea holidays, which is why we always come up with a series of recommendations, that ensure a minimal pressure on your budget and eliminate from the outset any possible risks you may face until or during the holiday, in accordance with the priorities and evolution of challenges and uncertainties in recent years.

In this respect, from the early signs of the uncertainties generated by the pandemic, our priority has been to secure all advances and payments made by our friends to charter companies or authorized owners of selected boats.

Moreover, we have created a complete insurance system based exclusively on national and international certified insurance companies, so that all our friends are secured in the knowledge that they will not lose any money (quite to the contrary, even recover them in full, depending on the specific situations that have occurred).

We are pleased to announce that this year Pikasea is an official partner of Pantaenius insurance company, Europe’s top insurer for sailboats and catamarans.

Types of insurance:

Personal insurance and boat warranty

Situations covered by insurance:

Skipper responsibility insurance

Situations covered by insurance:

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