Bali 4.5 Catamaran

  • Type :
  • Length :
    13.6 m
  • Structure :
    4 double cabins with 4 bathrooms and 4 showers

Why should I choose this boat?

 The Bali 4.5 catamaran is the flagship of our flotilla, in terms of space, comfort, ergonomics and the interior and exterior design of private areas or common spaces, ideal for fun, socializing or the beach. Rarely have I seen such spectacular boats that abound with so many amenities.

In addition to these details, one cannot overlook the largest refrigerator ever seen on a boat, offering a lot of storage space for delicious Greek dishes and for the magic nectars you can enjoy during the entire week.

This catamaran is ideal for a group of 8 people or families with children who want the perfect and balanced combination of spacious cabins:

    • 4 double bed cabins
    • 4 bathrooms with shower
    • a generous multifunctional kitchen and seriously over-equipped with absolutely everything necessary, even a coffeemaker
    • indoor and outdoor lounges
    • outdoor lounge, to spend amazing evenings on and multiple areas dedicated to beach, relaxation or fun


Specifically, in the case of this craft, the cream of the crop (to be for exact it’s more like the cream of the cream) comes from the mix of excellent facilities it’s equipped with, comprising of:

      • a generator
      • air conditioning
      • inverters (providing permanent 220V current access)
      • water-maker
      • icemaker and … and…. even
      • a dishwasher

Bali 4.5 Catamaran - 360°, 4K video presentation

Explore every possible nook and cranny with our 360° shooting by rotating your phone or swiping your finger on your device’s screen.

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Bali 45, catamaran,
Bali 45, catamaran,
Bali 45, catamaran,
Bali 45, catamaran,
Bali 45, catamaran,
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