Bavaria 46 Sailboat

  • Type :
  • Length :
    14,4 m
  • Structure :
    4 double cabins with 3 bathrooms and 4 showers

Why should I choose this boat?

Bavaria 46 is one of the most sought-after and popular boat models, appealing to an increasing number of tourists. As of this year, this model is part of our available boat portfolio.

It is a special sailboat, featuring:

  • 4 double cabins
  • 3 toilets
  • 4 showers (including the one on the deck)
  • a generous lounge
  • a fully fitted and equipped kitchen
  • very comfortable outdoor lounge, for 8-9 people.

The extendible outdoor sun deck, that harmoniously descends to the water surface is another reason for which this model sparks interest from tourists.

It is one of the most spacious models of its class with a total length of 14.4 m and a width of 4.35 m. It usually has two or three 450 to 800 liters water tanks, and a 210 liters fuel tank, more than enough for a week.

Lest you think that food might be austere on Pikasea boats, we assure you that the only limit to your taste buds’ satisfaction is the crew’s imagination and skill. There’s no shortage of tasty ingredients, ovens, fridge, fresh clams and, of course, an appetite.

Bavaria 46 Cruiser Sailboat - presentation

Bavaria 46, outside, velier,
Bavaria 46, outside, velier,
Bavaria 46, outside, velier,
salon, Bavaria 46, velier,
Cabina, Bavaria 46, velier,
bavaria 46, compartimentare, cabine, velier,