velier vs catamaran

When it comes to holidays, there are a lot of questions and many challenges, even more so in these times,

when our safety, as well as our family’s and friends’ is the most important element in configuring the perfect stay of this season.

Yachting holidays become more and more interesting and attractive, offering a genuine alternative to a conventional holiday, at the same time being more and more affordable, given the increasing international accessibility of yachts.

This question, however, arises – what is the right type of boat for me? What are the main differences and advantages for each of them? Why are some more affordable?

In a nutshell, what do I get for the money I pay?

Sailboats and catamarans are among the safest and most stable boats and as this industry develops, manufacturers of these spectacular boats have made many readjustments and optimizations in terms of design and comfort, consistent with the clients’ wishes and needs.

Most boats in Pikasea’s portfolio are boats with 4 double cabins, 3 or 4 toilets and showers. At the same time, all boast a generous lounge and a fully equipped and fitted kitchen, so that your holidays are as pleasant as possible.

Catamaran în Russian Bay, în insulele Saronice
Foto: pe velier în insulele Ionice

The major differences between the two occur in terms of comfort.

  • From a design perspective, catamarans have more space, more generous common areas and many private areas. Comfort also comes with an increased price, which, depending on the boat model and the chosen period, can vary between 30% and 60%.
  • The sailboat (monohull) however, has some magical coordinates, that catamarans failed to capture. It has a dreamy dynamic that makes you enjoy every wave, connecting you much more with the sea and the wind, and really gives you that strong feeling of freedom and liberation that we all so fiercely sought.
catamaran bali 4.3 interior, velier vs catamaran,
Interior Catamaran Bali 4.3
Interior Velier Oceanis 46.1

Sailboats are suitable for groups of friends and families who share the same joys. They offer a feeling of intimacy and warmth that is difficult to put into words.

For your first time out to sea, ensuring a balanced value for money, we’d recommend a sailing trip, even more so if you’re with the right people. You can subsequently go for an “upgrade” in terms of comfort and enjoy the catamaran experience. If, however, having more space is an essential coordinate for you, the catamaran provides everything you need.

Are you confused yet?

We haven’t been of much help, now, have we?

Catamaran Lagoon 42 Photo: Nicolas Claris

We recommend that you make as many inquiries as possible, address your questions to us and we will always gladly provide you with the most suitable solutions, depending on the organization of your groups. Fortunately, we are different, which makes our choices different, too.

What matters is to be able to choose what really clicks with us.

To get a clearer idea on how to craft your perfect holiday, we developed a “holiday configurator”, a simple form that can be filled-in in less than 1 minute which is then used to build that fabulous holiday which we keep pestering you with.

More details on this season’s available boats can be found below.

You too deserve a holiday!

All you have to do is go to the offers section, choose the suitable holiday format, adapted to your wishes and request a personalized offer by filling in the form at the bottom of the page. Moreover, you must definitely clear your phone’s memory. You’re going to need it for sure, as it will never be enough for the pictures and videos you’ll shoot on the wonderful routes proposed by us!

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